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Discover the future of last-mile delivery management with our innovative shipping software: logistocat!

From order entry to automatic route planning - logistocat is your all-in-one tool for optimizing your transport processes and mastering the challenges of the last mile.

Here are some of the compelling reasons why you should integrate logistocat into your company:

Transport management with logistocat smart and online. With logistocat, you can optimize your transport processes for last mile delivery, from order entry and scheduling to automatic route planning.
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Dispatching and managing transports

Dispatching and transport management are at the heart of logistocat . No matter where you are, with our transport management software you always have an overview. 

logistocat Disposition Transportation Management
logistocat transportation management and scheduling
Container management with logistocat
logistocat container management

Manage containers and track parcels online

Manage and track your containers for document shredding and disposal, for example, or track your parcels and pallets.

With logistocat you can track all your assets in real time.

Plan tours online and optimize tours

The route planning and route optimization integrated in logistocat ensures a balanced, efficient, employee-friendly and ecologically sustainable implementation of your transport processes.

Route planning logistocat
logistocat route optimization
logistocat system maintenance
logistocat system maintenance digital and easy
Maintain and centrally document systems
Digital plant maintenance and property management with logistocat.
Unabhängig von Hersteller und Anlagentyp. Anlagen- und Objekttypen können selbst definiert werden. Gleiches gilt für die entsprechenden Wartungsformulare. Die Bearbeitung erfolgt über Laptop, Tablet oder Smartphone.

logistocat Smartphone App

The smartphone app for last mile delivery.

For Android, iPhone, Windows tablets.

This makes transport handling over the last mile child's play.

logistocat smartphone app
logistocat smartphone app
logistocat multi-OS-capable
No matter which platform you use - it's the right one

Adapted to every common operating system: Whether you use mobile hardware with iOS or Android, our solutions work out of the box.

Online via your standard Internet browser. No software installation necessary. No maintenance required for desktop clients. Online access at any time from anywhere.

With logistocat you have the choice

Shared cloud solution →

Shared cloud solution

Always be technically up to date. Save costs by sharing system resources with others. Your data is stored on a domestic server - you can access it from anywhere at any time.

In-house web solution →

In-house web solution

Do you have your own IT server in a suitable IT environment? Then we can also provide you with our web solution in your own network. You benefit from the advantages of a flexible transport management solution.

Individual cloud solution →

Customized cloud solution

Would you like your own, individual cloud server that is only available to you? No problem. And if you wish, we can also implement this at a data center of your choice.

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