Dispatching and
Managing transports

With the logistocat transport management software

  • you have all order information in one place
  • you can optimize orders, drivers and your vehicles
  • Keep an eye on the shipment progress at all times
  • Avoid empty runs and reduce costs

Minimal recording effort:

  • Data transfer and order verification take place automatically
  • Manual order entry or import via CSV
  • Automated cycles for recurring orders
  • History of changes to orders
  • Validation of orders 
logistocat Disposition Transportation Management
logistocat transportation management and scheduling
logistocat analysis tools

No matter where you are

With our logistocat scheduling and transportation management solution, you always have an overview of your business processes and costs. 

Thanks to the largely automated, digital processes relating to transportation and logistics, you work much more efficiently, much faster and gain more time for your customers. 

Real-time access

Thanks to the easy-to-use and comprehensive logistocat cloud software, you have comprehensive real-time access to all relevant information at all times. This ensures that your transport processes run transparently, smoothly and dynamically and that resources are deployed agilely and flexibly.

Your data is stored on a domestic server. You have no need for updates or maintenance work.

logistocat cloud access in real time

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