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Whether vaccines, surgical kits or important medicines. Whether standard or refrigerated goods. With logistocat, you have a dynamic, efficient and transparent software for handling your medication transports. Our customers in this segment have been using logistocat transport management software for the digital processing of transport orders for several years. In addition to transparent scheduling and order processing software equipped with appropriate plausibility checks, the focus here is also on optimizing customer orders within routes already specified in the ERP system. The information recorded via the mobile, digital processing of orders is transferred in real time to in-house ERP systems such as Navision. This ensures a high degree of transparency and a permanent flow of information.


Transportation of medicines and vaccines
Pharmaceutical transportation with logistocat

Online route optimization pharmaceutical transports

Route planning logistocat
Route optimization logistocat
Transportation management logistocat
Transportation management logistocat

The efficient planning of delivery routes is crucial for companies in the fruit and vegetable delivery industry. This involves finding the optimal routes for delivery vehicles in order to shorten delivery times, reduce fuel consumption and ensure an even distribution of deliveries. logistocat uses AI algorithms to take complex factors such as traffic conditions, delivery priorities, goods volumes and geographical conditions into account. This results in a more efficient use of resources and minimizes the environmental impact.

Not only must time-critical deliveries be guaranteed, but attributes such as active and passive cooling must also be taken into account. 

The effective management of delivery orders is another key aspect of transportation processing. This involves the coordinated planning, tracking and recording of orders. logistocat enables centralized management of orders, monitoring of delivery details and improved communication between all parties involved. By automating order processes, errors are reduced and deliveries can be handled smoothly.

The logistocat transport management system has proven to be a pioneering solution that meets the challenges of this industry thanks to its focus on efficiency and sustainability. 

Digital transport management pharma

Sustainability is of paramount importance in today's business world. logistocat contributes to this by enabling companies to optimize their transport processes in a way that reduces emissions and uses resources efficiently. In the transport industry for pharmaceutical products, companies face the challenge of ensuring a high-quality service that complies with legal requirements and focuses on sustainability. logistocat offers an integrated solution that not only optimizes transport handling, but also meets economic and ecological requirements. By combining route optimization, order management, container management and a focus on sustainability, logistocat is a valuable tool that helps to make transport processes more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Pharmaceutical transportation software
Software pharma transport logistocat

Reusable container management pharmaceutical transportation

Container management pharmaceutical transports with logistocat

Container management for reusable transport containers is an innovative feature of logistocat that makes an important contribution to sustainability. In the fruit and vegetable delivery industry, reusable containers are often used to transport products. The software enables precise tracking and management of these containers to minimize losses, ensure availability and reduce the environmental footprint.

Partnership and joint development
This is also logistocat

We not only offer you an innovative software solution including a smartphone app, but also attach great importance to a partnership-based cooperation. Our experience in transport logistics flows directly into the development and customization of logistocat.

Our dedicated team is on hand to ensure you realize the full potential of logistocat. From implementation to ongoing support, we are there for you. With its smartphone app, logistocat offers a well-rounded software system that addresses the requirements and processes in this industry.

logistocat smartphone app
Smartphone app pharmaceutical transports logistocat

Perfect interaction: logistocat and ERP system

The interaction between transport management and the customer's own ERP system via interfaces or API interfaces must function smoothly, and therefore requires a dynamic link between scheduling, route optimization and container management with a corresponding flow of information and data.

The logistocat transport management software is the ideal tool for this. With innovative software tools such as scheduling, order management, mobile processing of transport orders, route optimization and container management linked to order processing, logistocat transport management software meets all the requirements for digital processing of transport orders for the document shredding industry.

The real-time transfer of this order-relevant information, which is important for subsequent invoicing, from the logistocat system to the customer's own ERP system is a matter of course.

The future for pharmaceutical transportation

Focus on the future
Into the future with logistocat

The permanent and future-oriented further development of logistocat transport management software, for example by integrating innovative future technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), offers a high degree of investment security for you as a user. Let's take the path to a sustainable future of transport management together. Efficient container management paired with intelligent route optimization will revolutionize your processes for transporting your products. Together we will create a more transparent, efficient and progressive future for your container management and logistics.

Cost optimization for pharmaceutical transports

One benefit of logistocat is the possibility for customers and users to use a subscription model offered by MWA Solutions instead of high one-off investment costs. This means that instead of a high one-off investment, customers and potential customers can choose a price model in which a price per vehicle and/or employee per month is shown and calculated in a lower, transparent and therefore cost-benefit-oriented ratio.

Keeping an eye on costs
logistocat The costs at a glance


Yes, because with logistocat, orders can be processed digitally and paperless.

Route optimization in conjunction with paperless transport processing enables more efficient route planning and vehicle utilization. This leads to shorter routes, fewer empty runs and therefore a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions caused by transportation.

Yes, logistocat is a reusable container management system that can also be used for pharmaceutical transport containers. In addition to the order and customer-related container movements, logistocat provides real-time information about the current locations of the containers and their condition. logistocat is therefore a clear and efficient container management system for pharmaceutical transport containers. The logistocat actions log (i.e. the container history) provides me with information about every action carried out with the corresponding container(s) at any time.

Yes, logistocat obtains this information from the order data to be planned, in which the corresponding sizes or container units of the document shredding containers are stored. When planning the routes and the vehicle profiles created in logistocat, in which the maximum load sizes are stored, logistocat already displays the number of container units of the document shredding containers to be transported during route planning. 

This is not a problem. In order to import this data from existing container systems or other order files (Excel, CSV) into the logistocat system, logistocat has a standard Excel import function with which this data can be imported. However, the format should be agreed with the user. 

Nevertheless, although this is relatively uncommon, orders and container data can be entered directly in logistocat. 


In order to make logistocat available to smaller companies (SMEs) in particular, we at MWA Solutions have designed the logistocat transport management software and container management software in such a way that it can be used as a subscription model or rental model with monthly payments for use. Compared to purchase models / license purchase models, this ensures manageable, transparent monthly costs that can always be compared with the added value achieved. 

With logsitocat, we want to provide well-rounded software for all processes involved in the transportation of pharmaceutical products. This always includes ensuring the availability of the vehicles in use. In order to achieve a transparent flow of information about the current status of the vehicles intended for use, it makes sense to process the daily, weekly and monthly inspections and maintenance work required for the availability of these vehicles in digital form. This data then provides overall information about the relationships between vehicles to be planned and currently available and operational vehicles and their current status in real time

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