logistocat Smartphone App
logistocat smartphone app
logistocat smartphone app

The logistocat smartphone app is the ideal tool for the digital processing of your transport orders over the last mile. 

This allows you to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism to your customers and save your employees the hassle of handling paper.

And last but not least, you have all order information in real time in your office or back office. Delivery notes and receipts can be sent directly to the recipient by email.

Whether delivery orders, collection orders, container exchanges in document destruction or maintenance orders for system servicing.

The logistocat smartphone app offers perfect interaction between the logistocat transport management software for scheduling and order processing on the road. The routes planned via route optimization can be optimized, economically efficient and ecologically sustainable via the downstream navigation software.

Barcode scanning is possible via camera module or barcode scanner¹.

The order data is transferred to the logistocat server in real time: This provides you with significantly flexible software for mobile processing of your transport orders.

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¹If available in the end device.