logistocat system maintenance
logistocat system maintenance digital and easy

Maintain systems
and document centrally

  • Define your system types yourself
  • Create your own customized maintenance forms
  • Plan maintenance orders according to specifications
  • Automate maintenance orders
  • Set individual maintenance intervals
  • Create your own user-defined maintenance types

Anyone involved in the maintenance of systems, machines, vehicles or the inspection and regular checking of other objects is usually faced with a whole range of challenges and obstacles.

  • Various system manufacturers
  • Many different types of systems, machines or vehicles
  • A different paper form for each type of system
  • Separate system maintenance software for each system manufacturer
  • The paper tray takes your time
logistocat system maintenance forms

With logistocat, the maintenance of systems and machines as well as the regular inspections of vehicles and other objects are easily digitalized with just one software.

Gone are the days of cumbersome and difficult-to-handle paper forms

logistocat individual maintenance form
  • No form disappears or reappears weeks later.
  • There is no need to re-enter test data into the PC.
  • You have more space in the filing cabinet because you can do without the filing system.
  • Copies can be made available in digital form for internal use or for your customers.
  • The test data and maintenance data are available to you in real time immediately after completion of the maintenance job by your office employee.
  • The customer can therefore be invoiced immediately.
  • You always have an overview in the logistocat system of the locations of the systems as well as the completed and upcoming maintenance.
Vehicle fleet digital checklists and maintenance
logistocat digital fleet maintenance

For example, it may be advisable to check the vehicles before setting off. This ensures that there are no nasty surprises regarding the general condition of the vehicles at the start of the tour.

logistocat offers the option of creating the relevant checklists and transfer forms yourself and assigning them to each vehicle as a PDF document on the server via upload. The obligation or option for the driver to complete the forms can be set as "before the start of the tour" or "after the end of the tour" via configuration settings.

Digital maintenance management of your own fleet

An intact, constantly checked fleet is the guarantee for efficient and reliable transport processing. It should therefore be ensured that the vehicles are ready for use. logistocat provides a permanent overview of the current operational readiness of the vehicles by means of digital checklists and digital maintenance forms.

Vehicle checklist logistocat

The logistocat software for plant maintenance is the ideal digital tool for economical, efficient and transparent processing of your maintenance orders in digital form. The whole thing works online, without the need to install software on any device. The logistocat software is accessed via a standard internet browser, whether from a Windows, Android or iOS device. Whether laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet.

You determine the system types and object types within the logistocat software yourself. The same applies to the corresponding maintenance forms for the systems and objects.

You also create the intervals for the maintenance and checks to be carried out yourself. As soon as a maintenance order has been processed, the next maintenance orders per specified interval are automatically created in the logistocat system. This means that no further appointments are forgotten and you always have an overview of the maintenance and checks carried out. The data on the digitally recorded forms is always available online.

Is the maintenance of systems installed at your customers' premises your core business? Then logistocat's integrated route optimization is a useful addition for the efficient, economical and ecologically sustainable planning and execution of your pending orders.

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